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Apples : chapter 2.

Title: Apples: Chapter two.
Author: too_beauty – Marielina.
Pairing: Alexander and Hephaestion.
Disclaimer: I don’t know the people involved; they belong to history and to themselves. No harm intended, everything is product of my imagination.
Beta: Myr.

Four winters turned into spring and a six-year-old boy was running among the trees.

“Father, let me ride Auburn again,” a happy Hephaestion asked his father.
“By Heracles’ breath, leave that mare in peace; she is tired of taking you everywhere,” his father replied with a smile.
“Please, Papa, let me, I must practice,” Hephaestion urged on.
“What are you practising for, Hephaestion?” Amyntor asked, on the verge to give in.
“To reach the end of the world!” he replied plainly.
“Will you be a warrior like your great grandfather?” Amyntor asked curiously.
“No, I don’t like war, Papa; I like to build things, but if I am to destroy something, I must also be able to fix it.”
“Wise answer, my son. Your hands are destined to build, protect, heal and give comfort! Amyntor said, proud of his son’s logic thinking.
“Yes, Papa, but I must find someone to go with me, I won´t be able to do it by myself.”
“You will find the perfect life partner, do not worry. Now leave Auburn alone, her colt is about to be born,” Amyntor reprimanded his youngest.

“Can I see this birth, Papa? I promise I won’t faint, I’m stronger now; I can help!”
“Very well, but if you faint, I won’t help you,” Amyntor teased.
“Yes, Papa, thank you!” Then he turned to the horse and guided her. “Come my beautiful Auburn. Let’s go to rest under my tree shadow.”
And it was amazing to see how the mare followed the boy as if she were a foal.

Hephaestion was sent to sleep in spite of his protests. His sweet Auburn was breathing heavily and that was a signal that the birth was near. It was nearly dawn when Hephaestion woke up because he had a vision: the mare needed his help and if he didn’t go, she and her colt would die.

He ran to the barn and there he found his father and his two elder brothers, neither of them could calm the mare down and she was in real pain. The mare turned her head and smelled Hephaestion, and when the boy started to caress her neck she relaxed even though she was still unable to give birth.

“What’s the problem, Papa?” Hephaestion anxiously asked.
“The colt is too big and Auburn cannot push it out. She has tried for the last two hours but nothing has happened,” Amyntor replied trying not to worry the child.
“I know what she needs,” and, saying that, Hephaestion went out of the barn running as if Hades was chasing him. Two minutes later, the boy offered the mare a big red apple from his apple tree.
“Eat Auburn, you need something sweet to gain your strength back and give birth to your colt. I will need him to reach the end of the world.” He whispered his last words sweetly in her ear.

The mare ate the apple and put her nuzzle against the small nose of Hephaestion, and big black eyes met his big cerulean ones. Twenty minutes later, a colt was born; black, strong, energetic, full of life, which was on his four legs immediately.

Amyntas looked at his elder sons and both nodded with a secret smile.

“How will you name your war stallion, Hephaestion?” Amyntor asked,
“Mine, Papa? But Lysander hasn´t got his horse yet; he must have this,” Hephaestion asked in disbelief.
“No, this colt is yours because you saved him,” Lysander answered, “and apart from that - I prefer mares,” he grinned.
“If this is satisfactory for you, he will be called Apollo,” and saying that, he approached the foal discovering a white mark on his nuzzle, shaped like a star with many rays, like the Macedonian Vergina Star.

The foal let Hephaestion caress him and the little boy whispered into his ear, “We will go to Macedon one day and there we will find our life partners.” The little horse fell sleep with his head on Hephaestion’s shoulder.


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