September 25th, 2005

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Fic: Virtuous Service (Fire from Heaven; Alexander/Hephaistion)

Title: Virtuous Service
Author: victoria p. [victoria @]
Summary: Hephaistion knew himself blessed beyond measure.
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: This version of Alexander and Hephaistion is based on Mary Renault's Fire from Heaven. No copyright infringement is intended.
Archive: Achromatic.
Feedback: is delightful, delicious and de-lovely
Notes: Thanks to devildoll for the beta, and to mousapelli for listening to me wibble about this. Written for killabeez as a yuletide New Year's Resolution story. Title and cut-tag quote from Plato's Symposium.
Word count: 1,116
Date: September 24, 2005

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