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I, Ociwen

Introductory Post

oracleatswiah is an open community for Alexander fanfiction and fanart. From movies, from Mary Renault's books, from history- all aspects of Alexander are welcome and all ratings.

What is allowed?

Slash, femmeslash, het, gen- anything. All ratings, all lengths.

What is not allowed?

Please DO NOT pimp other communities here and keep ALL posts related to Alexander. Please refrain from posting "I'm new here" posts- keep that to comments, if you must.

Who can be a member?

Anyone. Casual fans to diehards. Lurkers are most welcome here as well.

What are the posting guidelines?

Please post all fic and art under a LJ cut. If you are unsure of how to do that, you can find it in the Livejournal FAQ. If possible, use the following template:

Subject Header: FIC/ART, Title of Piece, Pairing, Rating

In the body:

Wordcount: (if applicable)
Pairing (if applicable):
Disclaimer: (if applicable):
Author's Notes:

How can we contact the moderator?

Email oracleatsiwah@livejournal.com


While this group seems small right now, hopefully it will grow to be something bigger. If we have the numbers, there is a possibilty we may hold an Alexander Ficathon of sorts later in the year to showcase some of the talented writers and artists of the Alexander the Great fandom.

Do you have any suggestions? Please respond to this post and let us know!

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