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Oracle at Siwah: Alexander Fanfiction and Fanart

Two snakes led the army, hissing as they went

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Oracle at Siwah: Alexander Fanfics and Fanart
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oracleatswiah is an open community for Alexander fanfiction and fanart. From movies, from Mary Renault's books, from history- all aspects of Alexander are welcome and all ratings.

What is allowed?

Slash, femmeslash, het, gen- anything. All ratings, all lengths.

What is not allowed?

Please DO NOT pimp other communities here and keep ALL posts related to Alexander. Please refrain from posting "I'm new here" posts- keep that to comments, if you must.

Who can be a member?

Anyone. Casual fans to diehards. Lurkers are most welcome here as well.

What are the posting guidelines?

Please post all fic and art under a LJ cut. If you are unsure of how to do that, you can find it in the Livejournal FAQ. If possible, use the following template:

Subject Header: FIC/ART, Title of Piece, Pairing, Rating

In the body:

Wordcount: (if applicable)
Pairing (if applicable):
Disclaimer: (if applicable):
Author's Notes:

How can we contact the moderator?

Email oracleatsiwah@livejournal.com

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